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Chain Conveyors Manufacturers in India

chain conveyors are ideal for horizontal, as well as, inclined conveying of products. The main feature is the chain, which is manufactured in special steel with welded flights, and fitted with hardened steel bushes. The chain conveyors are designed to be used in assembly lines, as well as handling bags and boxes.

Our conveyors are custom designed and fabricated as per the needs of the application and can be customized for dimensions & conveying capacity required according to the material to be conveyed.

Chain conveyor Salient Features

  • Being the main chain transport producers, we furnish chain transports with profiles changing from even to nearly vertical degrees.
  • The chain track can be introduced on the floor or can be grouted over it to stay away from broad common work.
  • With this sort of transport, you get an affordable answer for moving substantial burdens like transmissions, motors, blowers, body, differentials, and so on running from 2 MT to 12 MT.
  • The transport can be shut circle with auto streetcar return or open circled with manual streetcar return.
  • These transports are well-suited to work in hardcore ventures and places of the rough pathways.

Chain Conveyors Application

We flexibly our strong chain transports to

  • Concrete Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Synthetic Industry
  • Force Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Others

We have over 20 years of experience in design & manufacturing customized chain conveyor systems for various applications. our fabrication equipment and is located in Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR). Please send us your requirements for this equipment to receive a custom quote.