Belt Conveyor Parts / Components

Belt Conveyor Parts / Components

What are the parts of conveyor belt?

The industrial equipment such as Conveyors, Crushing Machines, Dust Protection Machines, and many more are there to name, provides assistance in carrying out the industrial task easily. Since the rise in technology in the field of machine, one-word strikes are the conveyors, which is of great help to the industries. Especially, the Belt Conveyors are fully employed for transferring goods from one place to another, giving it connectivity. Conveyors have become the lifeline of the industries, whether big or small. Conveyors play a major role in the movement of raw material, ready goods, truck loading, etc. as per the requirement.

The conveyors are the most required, they have become a necessity of any manufacturing unit. Moreover, belt conveyors facilitate in reduction of manual work. Advancement in conveyors and their requirements day by day has now forced them to have better components to work efficiently. There are many components of belt conveyors that are used to make them functional. The parts of the belt conveyor are operating towards transferring products in vertical or horizontal pathways. Conveyors work through batteries or electricity. The components of the conveyor are built in such a manner so as to make it fully functional and every part works simultaneously making operating easy. The working of components together helps the conveyor in pulling the belt in the required direction providing movement and making transferring of goods from one place to another in the workplace. The following components integrated into a belt conveyor for its smooth functioning

Conveyor Pulley

The pulley, as the name suggests, it pulls. The Conveyor Pulleys are the cylindrical device that pulls the belt towards the required direction. The pulleys are the crucial part of Belt Conveyors, so, are constructed extremely carefully. The pulleys are built, according to the weight they are required to pull or move. The elevator pulleys are smooth around the entire surface of equipment so that the belt can be traced easily.

Caring Idlers

Idler for belt conveyors is small cylindrical shape components, made up of metal or rubber. The caring idler is found where the wheels or pulleys cannot be fitted. Stub idlers revolve in a spherical motion and work like pulleys. idlers designed for the smooth running of conveyor belts. The components, stub idler, differ in size, which may vary from 4 to 6 inches in diameter.

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor belts are made up of various materials and components. The material of the conveyor belt exclusively depends upon various factors, such as the type of goods, nature of the product, weight to be transferred on it. The two pulleys should rotate parallel, so that, the belt moves effortlessly and smoothly. Moreover, if the pressure increases additional conveyor belt can be added to maintain the extreme temperature.

Conveyor Wheels

Wheels are required to produce energy by spinning/whirling and applying pressure to the belt. Different wheels are used for different purposes, like the guide wheels are placed, throughout the belt, to ensure it’s easy working. Wheels work with the coordination of pulleys and various other devices of conveyors. Each and every different conveyor have distinct components, so as to ensure smooth functioning and making it easier. Neo Conveyors are providing the equipment with proper components. Neo conveyors are now providing various types of conveyors. If looking for a belt conveyors providers/manufacturers, that goes well with your necessities, do visit

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