Chain Conveyor an alternate solution for material handling

Chain Conveyor an alternate solution for material handling

Chain conveyors, are the diverse choice, an alternative to the Roller Conveyors. Inspite, of this, its simplicity is making it popular, due to, Its applications, to transport irregular loads.

Chain conveyor, can be specifically designed, with various widths, lengths and speeds, to fulfill requirements of the client. Chain conveyors are also fairly uncomplicated ,so its maintenance becomes easy, even the site engineers can carry the procedure of maintenance .

Neo Conveyors is self-sufficient to provide solutions utilizing single or duplex chains. Neo can design our chain conveyors around a triplex chain design. Chain conveyors are typically designed around a 3 strand system which incorporates a strand to support and drive each of the left and right sides of the load, with a third central strand to support the centre of the load.

Chain conveyors are used on ‘chain transfer’ systems, where one conveyor needs to be linked with a second conveyor. ‘Pop-up’ chain transfer systems transport loads at 90˚ with a view to transporting the load onto a second conveyor in order to continue. Pop-up’ chain transfer systems serves as an excellent alternative to popular turntable as load transfer times are usually quicker with a chain transfer. The downside of a chain transfer system has the potential to change the leading edge of the load depending on the number of directional changes there are in the process.

Neo Conveyors are into designing of chain conveyor systems and many more type.

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