Apron Conveyor


Apron Conveyor Manufacturer in India

Apron Conveyors are used to carry materials and pieces horizontally and inclined lines. Neo offers Apron conveyors, which are made of pans with uneven edges to keep a check on material loss. Neo Conveyors offers Apron Conveyors which are flexible for adaptation to lifting loads from hoppers bins. Apron Conveyors can be regulated by adjustment of a sticker plate at the entrance point. Neo Conveyors have a heavy handle, which can handle abrasive and hot material. Apron Conveyors are capable of handling material up to 2000 per hour and does not cause noise pollution while carrying the material.

Advantages of  Apron conveyors:- 

1. Adjustable – The apron conveyor can be adjusted to any length by changing the number of plates. Maintenance and repair are also easier.

2. Easy Maintenance – When a part of the conveyor breaks, the damaged plates can be removed and replaced instead of the whole apron conveyor, which saves the operator time and cost.

3. Robust Structure -Apron conveyors made from high grade steel are useful for handling abrasive materials, such as rocks and granules. Walls and overlap in the apron plates ensure minimal material loss, especially when transporting grains and detritus.

3. Widly Used -Mainly used for industrial purposes, apron conveyors are made to withstand tremendous weight, heat, and continuous operation. The conveyor can be treated with special coatings to achieve a desired surface, such as friction or elasticity.



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