Inspection Conveyors

Inspection Conveyor manufacturer


Inspection conveyor on which products can be conveyed, allowing them to be visually scanned for imperfections or for sorting. However, the Belt Inspection Conveyors, do so using a durable belt conveyor, as opposed to rollers. Belt conveyors are often used in the fresh vegetables or general material industry to grade prior to polishing, washing or packing.

Neo Inspection Conveyor, are specifically, designed with a low conveyor height, eliminating the need for workers to stand on a platform during the inspection. The conveyor lifts the berries to the height of the hopper and comes equipped with trash conveyors on each side to carry away discarded berries. Inspection conveyors are available with wire or solid top belt, telescopic leg heath, casters, and optional speed drive.

Inspection conveyor specifications

  • PVC/PU belt for option as per requirements
  • A light frame with LED light for better inspection or grading
  • Emergency stop with reset button
  • Variable speed drive which enables the operator easy access to vary the speed of the inspection to his/her preference
  • Integrated motor and gearbox





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