Exactly, what are Bucket Elevators ?

Exactly, what are Bucket Elevators ?

Nowadays, as the world is getting modernised and mechanical, the use of machines have increased. Bucket Elevator is one of the most popular machine, used to transfer materials vertically.

A Bucket Elevator or a grain leg, is a machine, that consists of buckets, which are attached on to a specific type of belt or chain to carry the buckets or may say specific load and transmit the pull machine to drive the belt and accessories, vertically.

Uses of Bucket Elevators

It is mainly used in oil mills,rice industries,grain industries,coal handling,cement industries etc. It is very important accessory of any industries, as it can convey light to heavy materials with ease, without any interruption.The Bucket Elevators,are serving well and getting popular due to simplicity of bucket elevator systems. They are one of the popular choice for handling bulk materials and in processing applications.

Design of Bucket Elevators

Design of bucket elevators depends of types of materials convey,materials transfer capacity and operating specifications.as per design requirements we select sizes of buckets, head and boot profiles, motor and gear box.

Types of Bucket Elevators

Centrifugal Discharge Elevator

centrifugal discharge bucket elevator

centrifugal discharge bucket elevator


Many types of bucket elevators are used as per requirement, The most common elevator is Centrifugal Discharge Elevator, which may be vertical or inclined.The vertical elevators is driven by centrifugal force, which, put the oil into the discharge chute and help run at a relatively high speed.On Inclined elevators, the buckets are bolted on belt or chain at perticular pitch , having the discharge chute set partly under the head pulley.inclined elevator speed is low because it doesn’t depend on the centrifugal force.On Centrifugal Elevator, the material loaded from a boot, a pit or a pile.buckets bolted on to the belt, with little or no space in between them, are being used to carry heavy material, lifting at a slow pace.Earlier steel buckets are used,now new plastic bucket with rubber belts, due to convenience and ease to use it.Further, the pulleys are being used at the top and bottom and driven by an electric power.
Various types of chains or belts as traction element, different bucket of different shapes and sizes are applied to make the bulk material handling possible and easy.

Continuous discharge bucket_elevator

Continuous discharge bucket_elevator

Continuous Bucket Elevator

The Continuous Bucket Elevator can be conveyed horizontal-vertical-horizontal, smoothly and continuously from one or multiple feed point(s) and then move horizontally to the discharge point. continuous Bucket Elevators are designed to handle products without material deterioration move undisturbed until it is discharged.
Advantages of Bucket Elevators
Neo Bucket Elevators provide various advantages economically.
 Preferred in various industries
 Huge bulk conveying
 Easily reach heights
 Uninterrupted transportation of material
 Smooth and steady functioning
 Wide range
 Serves for long period
 Low driving power
 Less or maintenance free
 Most trusted machine
 Economical and effective
 Less labour cost

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