Tips that can prevent breakdown situations of industrial conveyor systems

Tips that can prevent breakdown situations of industrial conveyor systems

How to prevent break down of conveyor

Conveyors are like any other machine or equipment in a production unit, which can prove its worth and give the best results, only if, they are regularly maintained. Of course, Conveyors also need maintenance and that too, on a regular basis, to stay in production. Even the highest quality product can not last long unless they are maintained. To avoid, such breakdown situations of fixing one, which can be highly painful than to prevent them. It is better to follow a few tips that can help prevent your ending up in a worse situation:

Refer machine manual

The best tip that can avoid the awful situations of break down is to consistently perform the recommended maintenance on your conveyor. Refer your conveyor manuals, stay in touch with your supplier, to make sure that you are taking care of all scheduled maintenance tasks that are recommended for your application.

Make maintenance schedule

If your schedule is busy, still some time must be given to service people to ensure everything is in working order. Make sure, that someone is inspecting your conveyors on a regular basis. Even a photo-eye sensor with excessive dust can bring down an entire system.

Special attention should be paid to the areas that are not openly visible because repairs in these areas may be neglected, since they are not clearly visible, leading to problems, if not addressed quickly.

Advance maintenance planning

Advance planning proves itself in a great way. It keeps your system up and running. The stocking of replacement parts should be maintained, especially those items, that can take the conveyor out of operation. It is highly recommended to stock because the time and money you are able to save by preventing a system shut-down will far outweigh the cost of buying these parts in advance.

Follow safety procedure

To achieve goals, all conveyor operators should be trained in operational safety. A safe environment is an essential element, for any unit, thus, it is important that any personnel working near or operating a conveyor should be familiar with the safety and warning labels on the equipment.

It is always a good practice to consult the conveyor safety manual, before operating, any, unfamiliar conveyor system in order to avoid accidents or breakdowns. All operators should be aware of the product capacities so that the conveyor is used in the right manner ensuring safety.


The bottom line is that a little precaution and regular maintenance can help save you a lot of time and money, providing safe working conditions. Keeping the above tips in mind and taking the precautionary measures, will help your conveyors run longer and safer giving the best results, helping achieve your target, when you desire most.
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