Top 7 tips to keep your conveyor system running

Top 7 tips to keep your conveyor system running

Top 7 tips to help keep your conveyor system running

1.Keep your Conveyor system clean

Very first clean your conveyor system clean and remove all foreign objects that will help to run the conveyor freely. An unused conveyor system belt can slip and it will make the motor work harder and reduce the amount of weight the motor can pull. Cleaning and removing foreign objects prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the belt.

Another main advantage of a cleaning conveyor system to identify system faults and prevent further damage..

2. Check Bearings

In ideal conveyor systems, open bearings will dry and create larger issues in the future if not properly maintained. Sealed bearings do not require lubrication. Be cautious during lubrication can cause damage to your belt.

3. Check conveyor pulley alignment

If the conveyor pulleys are misaligned, the belt will be run one side resulting in extra wear on the belt and create tracking issues. give proper tension on the belt.

4. Check conveyor manuals and documentation

Before doing any repair and maintenance of the conveyor system read documents properly and replaced parts as per instructions.

5. Note Down all repairs and maintenance works

Have you at any point purchased a vehicle with a full assistance history? The equivalent applies here.

Any upkeep performed on your conveyors to be written in a log, taking note of the reason for the support and the impact. This can help attract a greater picture to comprehend what is bombing inside your conveyor, feature if the issue is a rehashing issue, and leaves a note for all staff on the most proficient method to fix the issues going ahead.

6. Don’t misuse your conveyor

Conveyor systems are designed for a particular purpose and operation. while designing there are many things to consider such as weight per meter, product dimensions, and even type of product. Using different products and weights on the conveyor line that is not suitable can cause jamming, excess wear and tear on the belt, motor failures of the conveyor system. Using the incorrect product can quickly cause a large health and safety risk to your staff.

7.Understand conveyor system obsolete parts

Idled and Old conveyor systems can be costly and even sometimes impossible to source parts for. When reviewing your conveyor system it may be economic to replace part of your conveyor system instead of continuously repairing old, worn-out systems.

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