Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators

Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators

One of the most proficient approaches to lift bulk materials vertically is with a bucket elevator. A Bucket Elevator comprises of a progression of buckets connected to a belt or chain with pulleys or sprockets situated at the top and lower part of the unit. The buckets are situated in a packaging or lodging to contain the material. Bulk materials are stacked into each bucket as the bucket moves past a gulf point. Neo conveyors manufacturer bucket elevators based on the characteristics of the bulk material and the process requirements.

Bucket elevator Parts


  • planned with replaceable wear plates
  • conveyed with an effective empty shaft-mounted rigging with the standard engine and consolidated screen gadget to forestall invert development if there should arise an occurrence of unintended stops
  • the outlet is tunable permitting release in either 45° or vertical down


  • handily collected by methods for unique gathering clips and separation pieces, bringing about a durable development
  • conveyed with a separable entryway in full length for administration and assessment and simple establishment of the belt and buckets.
  • accessible in standard lengths – the specific stature is effortlessly accomplished by methods for the tallness modification area


  • complete with gulf container that fits the extraordinary framework
  • conveyed with an electronic speed watch that switches off the current if the belt begins to slip
  • worked in cleaning entryway
  • planned with belt tensioning gadgets effectively available on head of the elevator boot
  • planned with a delegated pressure pulley to guarantee a straight running belt


  • accessible in steel, hardened steel, and plastic
  • put with a separation that guarantees a productive filling of the buckets and ideal treatment of the material at a high cap


  • connector for dust goal for association with focal extraction framework
  • alternatively, can the elevator be ready for association with spot channel


  • Available in numerous kinds and characteristics.
  • Antistatic as standard.
  • oil-and fat safe as discretionary
  • food grade as discretionary
  • dimensioned with the rigidity of multiple times the ostensible working burden


  • belt misalignment locator
  • low-speed watch
  • Rubber Lagging on the drive pulley
  • desire associations
  • top stage single or twofold sided Different Bucket And Casing Sizes Available For Capacities Up To 15,000 Cubic Feet Per Hour

Advantages of Using Bucket Elevators

  • Designed To Handle A Wide Variety Of Bulk Materials – From Average To Very Free-Flowing
  • Many Different Bucket and Casing Sizes
  • Completely Enclosed For Dust and Weather-Tight Operation
  • Inlet Section Can Be Control Fed or Flood Loaded With Bulk Materials of Using Bucket Elevators
  • closed For Dust and Weather-Tight Operation
  • Inlet Section Can Be Control Fed Or Flood Loaded With Bulk Materials

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