Drag Chain Conveyor manufacturer India

Drag Chain Conveyor manufacturer India

Drag chain conveyor manufacturers

Drag Chain Conveyors

Neo conveyors are manufacturer of drag chain conveyors. we manufacturer a wide range of drag chain conveyors for high load capacity, robust construction, and low maintenance.

We manufacture Drag chain conveyors with safety, efficiency, reliability, and outstanding performance in mind. Our specific design keeps dust contained and allows the material to move 2.0 m to 3.7 m (6 to 12 feet) per minute and a maximum 35-degree incline.

Neo Conveyors, drag chain conveyors manufacturer custom made conveyors meet your unique specifications and keep your investment costs low as well as operating and maintenance expenses to a minimum.

Benefits of Drag chain conveyors

  1. Reduced investment costs
  2. Required less space
  3. Save energy consumption
  4. Maintenance Free


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