How to Keep workplace safer

How to Keep workplace safer

10 Simple Steps to Improve Workplace Safety

Conveyors are playing a major role in today’s world. They are into manufacturing, assembling, truck loading, or may say, they are vital in production. This latest technology is being used successfully, to increase productivity with efficiency,  provides connectivity, and reduce the cost of production.

As they are now, commonly used,  have become a cause of certain negligent injuries. Therefore, it is extremely important to safeguard by introducing safety practices, while working with the automation integral parts. All conveyors are made for different purposes, so they operate in different ways. Some are fast and some stop at intervals, but, one thing is in common, that, is safety.

Safety Concerns

The main threat is something — or someone — getting caught in the belt, as various types of belts are being used for different purposes. This is generally due to negligence or lack of training to work with such machines. Employees should follow the rules strictly, and not taking things for granted. Generally, the jewelry, ID cards, loose fit Clothing, and other such items get caught, in conveyors, where the belt meets the spindle. To avoid such mishaps certain things should be taken care of  :

Points to maintain the safety

*  Workplace area should be cleared of personnel,  before starting of the conveyor machine.

*  Make sure the motor disconnect is locked out.

*  No tampering with the safety devices.

* Employees should be trained to operate a conveyor.

*  A working culture should be developed within the employees, which will help them and avoid injuries..

*  Proper dres’s code must be used

*  Layman should not be allowed to move near moving conveyors

*  Be alert, while working with an overhead guide, where,  a worker could get a hand stuck between the guide and the product being put on the conveyor.

*  Employees need to be fully trained on the operation and safety features, such as the emergency shutoff.

*  In spite, of training, to work on conveyors, they should be provided proper knowledge, awareness of the conveyor and its performance standards, full expertise.

*  Mostly the trained staff are prone to mistakes, so, they need to be focused and maintain compliance.

*  In some cases the task performed is repetitive, which leads to a momentary lapse in focus and judgment, leading to accidents. This is commonly due to the habit of people letting the guard down while working on equipment.

*  Keep staff updated, and fresh’ n up regularly,

*  Conduct safety workshops for staff and make them understand that even a small negligence can cause them injuries. Safety rules must be given priority.

*  Make each person familiar with the equipment being used by them.

*  Such concern can help develop positive work culture, as well as, duty towards work.

*  The emergency shutoff switches should be checked and their layout points must be mentioned clearly.

Conveyor safety Devices

Neo conveyors are using the following safety switches to prevent any accident and breakdown

  • Pull Cord Switches.
  • Belt Sway Switches with indicator lamp
  • Belt Tear Switch.
  • Zero speed switch


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