Pet Coke Handling with the Help of Bucket Elevator System

Pet Coke Handling with the Help of Bucket Elevator System

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Pet coke, gets its name from petroleum and coal. It is a residual product of the crude oil or may say leftover of refineries/distilleries. It is a zed black solid with high calorific value, but low volatile content, which leads to poor ignition.

Nowadays Pet coke is replacing fuel, it is acting as a supplementary fuel in various industries. Cement Industries in many countries including India and Power plants indulged in Power Generation, Boilers, etc., use Pet coke.

Apart, having high calorific value, it is being a waste product, having a much lower price, as compared to coal. Its use present, certain problems, due to high sulfur and low volatility. To obtain full advantage of its calorific value, Pet coke has to be finely grounded, so that it burns completely.

High sulfur content, creates operation problems in the kiln. This problem can normally be sorted out by using a bypass system. To utilize pet coke with a higher percentage of sulfur, a bypass system that withdraws 15-20% of kiln gases is required.

Bucket Elevator

The Bucket Elevator or say the bucket conveyor serves this purpose easily in an effective manner to move pet coke easily. Bucket elevators are much more in use, as it makes it possible to move pet coke. Neo conveyors are specialists in the manufacturing of bucket elevators.

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